British Universities Kayaking Expedition to Venezuela

Each year a group of some of the best young kayakers from universities around the UK take part in the British Universities Kayak Expedition. This year, a group travelled to Venezuela in order to kayak new rapids, see the country, and make a positive difference to those they met along the way. We’re lucky enough to have some great photos from their trip, along with some words from team member Jonny Hawkins.

The team deep in the Venezuelan jungle about to start the Rio Aricagua which takes 2 days to paddle. We spent the night in the heart of the jungle sleeping in hammocks worrying about the local jaguars and snakes.

Arthur Norton styling his way down one of the many huge rapids on the Rio Orinoco. We met this river at unusually high levels with a discharge of 30,000 cumecs which is 3000 times the voulme of an average Welsh river.

Jonny Hawkins on the Rio Santa Domingo. This river is one of the many rafting runs that we found during the trip in a country with alot of rafting potential.

Arthur Norton styling a waterfall in the Gran Sabana. This geologicaly unique area countains countless waterfalls from small ledges to the towering Angle Falls at 979m. This is a paradise for any waterfall kayaker that has means to cross the endless grassland with no roads.

Throughout Venezuela everyone that we have met have been extreemly friendly to us. From letting us stay in peoples houses to giving us a lift on their boat to the local rapids. This family lived and fished on a small island between rapids on the Orinoco, they gave us fish for dinner and taught us the local way to fish.

One of our trip aims is to develop the sport of kayaking in Venezuela. At every possibility we have been getting locals in our kayaks and showing them what its all about. At the end of the trip we our leaving our boats with the two Venezuelan kayakers we have met so they can continue teaching locals how to kayak in a bid to develop the sport here.

News photo – Sandra Hyslop taking off halfway down one of the many long rapids Venezuela has to offer.

Thanks to, Pyranha Kayaks, Blisstick kayaks, Alpkit, DD Hammocks, Outdoor Active and Cotswold for their support.For more infomation about kyaking in Venezuela visit the British Universities Kayak Expedition’s Kayak Venezuela website.

With photos like that, how can you not want to go on your own Kayak holiday?!