Bike maker Cannondale shows off the ‘Simon’ electronic front suspension system for Mountain Bikes.

Gear happy Mountain bikers were impressed as Cannondale demonstrated as a concept the programmable Simon suspension system which uses an ADI single-axis iMEMS accelerometer to monitor the terrain at 2-millisecond intervals. This data is processed by the Simon system to access more than 10,000 terrain-response maps to provide optimal bicycle suspension control. Unlike previous mountain bike front suspension technologies, which relied on mechanical devices with slower response times, the Simon front suspension system incorporates ADIs accelerometers for real-time response, which allows riders to instantly adapt to changing trail conditions. The Simon electronic suspension system incorporates ADIs high-g ADXL78 accelerometer at the wheel hub to dynamically monitor the applied forces. That information is transferred over a digital network that processes terrain information and manages the suspension forks fluid control system to improve rider safety and control, minimize fork wear and reduce the impact loads that are transferred to the bicycle frame. The programmable settings are controlled using a handlebar-mounted joystick and LCD display. Is this Man and Machine working in perfect harmony? Or is it cruise control for lesser rider? Have you tried it? Do you want to? Post your comment here.