Adventure with purpose: Rickshaw riding across the UK

A slightly different take on the ‘adventure with purpose’ theme this month. One man, one rickshaw, 1000 miles across the UK. Put them together and you have the basic ingredients of Tim Mosss recent adventure.

Back in April he hopped on a rickshaw in Aviemore and pedalled his way to London, picking up passengers on the way and raising money for Special Olympics Great Britain. In just over 4 weeks he crossed the UK, furthering the previous record of 955 miles and having a bit of an adventure; up hill, down dale, across fields, narrow lanes, main roads. He was regularly asked for a ride, honked at, waved at, given standing ovations, and even welcomed in by a farming family. As well as taking passengers in return for donations, he carried a small tent and stove, allowing him to travel totally unsupported. The previous rickshaw world record (it still stands while Tim awaits confirmation) is approximately 955 miles and was set in 2009 by a couple cycling from Lands End to London. The distance between Aviemore and London is only 529 miles as the crow flies but Tim took a more scenic route, visiting all of SOGBs nineteen operating regions and meeting its athletes along the way. Most importantly to Tim, he was able to raise some money and awareness for Special Olympics Great Britain. I don’t think enough people are aware of the year-round sports opportunities they offer for anyone with a learning disability.The three-wheeled bicycle was a generous gift from London-based rickshaw company Bug Bugs. Tim recently auctioned the rickshaw on Ebay. It went for an impressive 335, with all proceeds going to Special Olympics Great Britain. A serial mad-cap adventurer, Tim is now running the length of every London tube line with his friend Laura. Why? Why not? he may well answer. As well as being a great way to discover London, he is raising money for the British Lung Foundation. His previous challenges have included travelling around the world using eighty methods of transport and swimming the Solent as part of a 14-hour triathlon to visit a friend. If you fancy a rickshaw expedition of your own, Tim has left plenty of handy hints on his website, The Next Challenge. We love these kind of slightly off the wall adventure ideas, and take out hats off to Tim for trying to bring us with him. For something a bit less committing, check out his everyday adventure series for ideas that can inject a bit more challenge and excitement into the daily routines.

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