Adventure with Purpose – Chris Baker Trekking in Nepal

1. Who are you?My name is Chris Baker and I’m the founder of OneSeed Expeditions.OneSeed Expeditions offers a new way to travel. We partner with local communities to ensure that tourism revenue goes directly to guides, porters, and local entrepreneurs.2. What was/is the most recent adventure you have been working on, and what was it?Right now I’m gearing up to head to Nepal next month. We have guide selection and training throughout October, so we’ll be in the mountains for about 6 weeks. In addition to training, we’ll be running all of the routes before expeditions head out in February. We check every bed, kitchen, and facility we use along the trail. It’s over 400 miles of high altitude trekking, but we’re committed to making sure everything is perfect for our clients.3. Why are you doing it?I love my job. I get to spend time in beautiful places with amazing people AND we do a little bit of good along the way.Through the OneSeed Fund, we invest 10 cents of every dollar into microfinance initiatives that provide start-up capital to women entrepreneurs. When you travel with OneSeed, you explore the world and invest in people. We founded OneSeed Expeditions in 2010 after more than three years of planning and preparation. We’re excited to offer our first expeditions through our pilot program in Nepal. Our goal is to add additional destinations over the next year while expanding our impact in communities worldwide.4. In a world that has been totally explored, the highest mountains climbed, the seas crossed, the forests penetrated, what is next for the future of adventure? Is it time that adventurers and explorers had a wider goal than simply harder, faster, stronger, further than anyone else? Should they have a better reason for doing it that just because it is there?I think exploration is turning away from “harder, faster, stronger, further” and more towards depth. People want to really experience the places they visit and that requires slowing down. We take our clients into communities. We’ll trek all the way to Base Camp, but we also make sure we’re paying attention to the people and places that our desire for exploration impacts. I think people expect more from their travel and we’re here to provide exactly that.

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