A sea-faring adventure to inspire ecological change. That sounds like our cup of tea.

Very soon a handpicked crew of adventurers, scientists and creatives are to set sail across the Pacific in a boat made from Plastic soda bottles.

The Plastiki, which will set off from its hometown of San Franciso and navigate a course to Sydney harbour, will be made from 12 000 of them in fact. On their way, they will pass by many islands and atolls to undertake scientific analysis and orchestrate clean up operations. The mission? To prove that there are more innovative and sustainable uses for today waste, whilst highlighting the ecological damage we are inflicting on the worlds oceans.

Adventure Ecology, who have masterminded the expedition, also run educational and arts programs designed to engage and inspire children in particular.

Good luck to them we say. We will keep you posted on their progress here. For follow them yourselves, their excellent websites www.theplastiki.com and www.adventureecology.com are the places to go.