A 3 year zero carbon Odyssey – Cycling and sailing tour of the world.

‘Because It Is There is a zero emissions circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle and boat.

Cycling approximately 38,000 miles across 5 continents and sailing across 2 oceans, Kevin Shannon will be facing extreme sub zero temperatures, scorching heat, thirst, hunger and physical and mental exhaustion.

Why? Because he wasnt satisfied with simply hopping on a plane and jetting off to some exotic location for his gap year. He was looking for something different, and he realizedwell Because it is there.

Kevin was inspired by a book a gem found in a charity shop. This story of a man who cycled from London to Beijing, made him realize that a journey can enable him to meet, interact with and immerse himself in different cultures from every corner of the globe.

His route will take him from the UK, through Western Europe, Eastern Europe, into Russia and across to Siberia. Hes not planning to be tired, he will then head south through Mongolia crossing the Gobi Desert into China continuing down to Southeast Asia, then crossing to Australia. Presumably after a pint of lager, Kevin will then travel to South America where he will head north following the west coast until he enters the USA. His plan from here is to head towards the east coast of Canada, heading across the US diagonally. At the Atlantic Ocean he will join the crew of a yacht once more for his final ocean crossing back to the UK.

This expedition is not solely for self development. Kevin is attempting to raise 1 Million for Combat Stress, a charity that helps combat veterans with mental health issues brought about by their time in service. A percentage of the funds raised will also go towards setting up a new department within the charity, called Adventure Quest. A 9 month therapy program of expeditions to Britains National Parks culminating in a 520 mile (840km) walk across the Pyrenees.

We think this is a great example of someone who thinks travel can be muchbetter. We are green with envy, but wish him luck on his journey. Follow him on twitter ( twitter name – Kev_Shannon ).