Richard Scott is a former NZ representative cyclist, and two times Oceania Games Champion who has competed in Morocco at the 1986 Junior World Championships, Australia and New Caledonia at the Oceania Games in 1987 and 1989, and has ridden two seasons on the American Track circuit in Pennsylvania.

After 12 years away from competitive cycling he returned to racing in 2005, and at the age of 36 years, finished third in the 2005 Queenstown Tour, including a stage win. He also competed at the International Cycling Union 2005 Powernet Southland Tour in November 2005.

He has traveled extensively throughout Europe including France, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. He has also traveled through Australia, the Pacific Islands and Indonesia.

We spent 5 minutes with him during the Tour de France and he answers our questions on Road Biking and Cycle Touring.

What is the most Inspiring setting that you have cycled in? The Sella Ring loop in the Dolomites, unbelievable! Its like biking around a film set for star wars. The rock structure of the dolomite’s makes for an amazing setting!How does it feel at the end of a long cycle tour to arrive at the end? It is always very satisfying knowing you have just completed a challenging ride/tour and when can look back at the previous days and it can really surprise you how far you actually have traveled and over some pretty amazing and hard core terrain.Do you think that the distances and the speeds achieved in the Tour and by pros like yourself demonstrate that Cycling is a viable option for global travel?No, not in a cycle holiday sense anyway. Even the guides whom I use who are all very fit riders, and have raced for a number of years would struggle to complete the same distances day after day like the pros do.What is the biggest bike repair you have had to do stranded? Replace a derailleur hanger in the middle of the Bordeaux country side! Luckily the owner of the bike had a spare in her back pocket. That was incredibly lucky.What can be done to get more people to choose cycling as a holiday option / activity? The million dollar question. Awareness that companies such as Kiwi Style Bike Tours exhibit. What we do is designed to take people on the best rides in each area, minimise hassle while they holiday, providing constant support for them. Anyone can ride a bike on the road but to actually visit a foreign country and ride famous routes and climbs is not as easy and sometimes it is not until people have tried to do it themselves they realise how difficult it can be and the countless hours they wasted driving around getting lost, stopping to read maps while riding and still getting lost. That they appreciate for no more cost they can do it with a company and spend more time riding and seeing the best locations, being guided and advised along they way. I suppose in a way with the sport becoming so popular globally, it will push more people to cycling/activity holidays. The trend in NZ right now is to undertake an activity related holiday, rather than the standard visit a beach type holiday.Alex has a Raleigh flyer and Ed has a Raleigh Sun GT22. Both early 80s steel frame with ten gears. Who would win a climb up the Col de Ramaz? (one of the biggest Col’s in the Morzine area)Alex because he has a big ticker!! – Alex – ‘um thanks?‘What is cycling to you in your own words?A beautiful sport that anyone of any age, shape of size can do. Nothing can beat a long social ride in the sun with your mates. Its surfing on a bike!Richard now runs a bike tour company based from New Zealand, which offers supported cycle tours in some of the world’s best cycling destinations. They often base tours with Paul and Jess at Karibuni in La Clusaz in the French Alps. Our thanks go to them for putting us in contact with him.

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