Due to its location behind the flowing 140-meter (460′) Helmcken Falls, the formation of the Ice on “Spray On” is unique – mist from the falls creates stalegtites of ice on the 45 degree volcanic rock face. The guys say “this is not a mixed route: Not one single drytool move in the whole pitch; pull up, lock off, work for a placement… Just like normal ice but on a 45-degree wall.It is a whole hell of a lot harder than anything Ive ever climbed on ice, Gadd writes in his blog. The only thing I could compare it too is M10 or harder drytooling, but you have to swing for placements instead of just hook. WI 10 is the lowest grade I can give it with a straight face. The climbers say they hope to return next year in colder temperatures, when frozen spray just might allow a 500-foot overhanging climb.Find the whole story on Will Gadd’s Blog – Gravsports.